EXO’s “Power” beats BTS’ “Fake Love”; K-pop fans goes head-to-head battle on Twitter

On July 4, FIFA World Cup opened a voting poll on social media, allowing users to choose the song they want to hear inside the World Cup stadium.
The official Twitter handle of FIFAWorld Cup posted a voting poll, asking their followers of whom they would like to listen to as teams battled it out. The strong contenders included BTS’ Fake Love, EXO’s Power, J Balvin’s Mi Gente and Zedd’s The Middle. The choices clearly displayed the multi-cultural aspect of the tournament and the sport boasts.

In the next 24 hours, twitter users saw hashtags like #FIFAxEXOPower and #BTSxFIFAWorldCup trend worldwide, with over three million votes and fans passionately encouraging their followers to vote. The intense session showcased the popularity of K-Pop as both the Korean groups stood at 48 percent of votes. As the Twitter poll came to a close, EXO’s Power was selected to be played at the stadium.

Needless to say, EXOL’s (or EXO fans) were very happy over the outcome. Tweets poured on how their hardwork paid off.

In a separate Instagram poll conducted by FIFA, BTS’ Fake Love ended up being the crowd favourite against K’Naan’s Waving Flag and Avicii’s Hey Brother.

Social Media Manager of the World Cup Alex Stone acknowledged the success of the campaign and the response they got especially from K-pop fans and personally confirmed that both EXO’s Power and BTS’ Fake Love will be played at the stadium.


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