Find the Babydoll in You: Plastic Surgery in South Korea

The worldwide plastic surgery capital can be found in Seoul, South Korea. It has the most plastic surgeries per capita in the planet, with over 1 million recorded operations since 2014.

Half of Korea’s population lives in Seoul, and the possibility of competition increases, so people really put a lot of effort on taking care of their image in public.

Hand in hand with this, the plastic surgery tourism in Korea is also a cost-effective market. It has accounted for an estimate of 1/5 of medical tourists expecting an upwards of a million annual medical tourists by 2020. With this, the rise of the plastic surgery market also increased with new businesses.

More than 1000 plastic surgery clinics were registed in South Korea in September 2017, not including the dermatology clinics, major hospitals, dentist clinics, and other forms of cosmetic surgeries.

The most popular surgeries in South Korea are:

  • Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery

The procedure will turn anyone’s nose bridge on point. The nose in Korean culture, is one of the most accentuated features that distinguishes attractiveness. Most women prefer to undergo this surgery to make them more beautiful.

  • Double Eyelid Surgery

Up to date, this is the most popular not only in Korea, but also in different parts of the world. The procedure here is more on removing the excess fat to create a double eyelid effect.

  • Reduction of Jaw Surgery

Although very crucial to undergo, most Koreans want to take this procedure the get their desired V-Line, through the shaving off of their mandible and create a thinner jaw line.

  • Eye Widening Surgery

This is a very interesting procedure, as it makes one’s eyes larger. The corners of the eyes are cut in order to create a horizontally longer effect, visibly making the eyes bigger and wider.

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