Ride On The Wind with KARD

The famous co-ed group KARD will be having a summer comeback on 25th July titled Ride On The Wind’. This is their first comeback in 2018 since their last comeback ‘You In Me’ on November 2017.

Fans have been anticipating for this comeback ever since the members hinted on a comeback that would happen soon in their interview and SNS. The first official post hinting on a comeback was made on 27th June. The post had a picture of two dates in it 725 and 819. Confirming these numbers, it has now been revealed that their comeback will be on 25th July and 19th August is the set date of their concert ‘Wild KARD’ in Seoul.

KARD had also given fans a sneak peak of members in the recording studio of what looked like recording preparations for their new album before more teasers were released.

On 10th July KARD released a short clip, giving fans a glimpse of how the concept would look like. The video had a fresh summer vibe with an aesthetic background view of an ocean. However none of the members appeared in the video.

The next batch of teasers were released the following day on 11th July. This time individual teasers were revealed. Each video had clips of the members facing the ocean with bright vibes suiting the young and vibrant members.

Today, on 12th July, KARD continued revealing plans for the upcoming album. This time, schedules for the following weeks till the D-day were released along with the track list.

Ride on the Wind will consist of the following six tracks-

  1. Intro: Humming.
  2. Moonlight.
  3. Ride on the wind.
  4. Knockin’ on my heaven’s door.
  5. Dimelo.
  6. Ride on the wind(Inst).

KARD has also revealed a schedule for the days leading up to their comeback. It has been divided into 12 days starting from 12th July where the track list has already been revealed till 24th July which is set for the music video trailer.

Pre-order for albums will start on 19th July which is on the 7th day according to the schedule. Other contents include concept photos, first anniversary live, J.seph’s special video, highlight medley, music video teaser, video with key point of the dance and finally the music video trailer.

Fans are also looking forward to KARD’s first anniversary live in Facebook to interact with the members live.


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