‘The Great Seungri’ is coming soon

Big Bang’s Seungri is set to release his album ‘The Great Seungri’ on 20th July. Seungri had already started hinting about his upcoming album through SNS and shows he attended since a while back. The first official announcement about his album was through a pictorial teaser released on 3rd July. The teaser image depicted 20th July as the day of the release.

Seungri is set to release this album after his last album activities for ‘Let’s talk about love’ in 2013.

On 5th July, the first teaser regarding the title track ‘1, 2, 3!’ was revealed. Along with Seungri, Teddy, Seo Won Jin and 24 were involved in the title track.

The next teaser update on 7th July revealed a surprising and anticipated featuring with Winner’s rapper Song Mino titled ‘Where R U From’. Both Seungri and Mino worked on the song along with Future Bounce.

The full track list for ‘The Great Seungri’ was released on 10th July unveiling 9 tracks to fans. The album is packed with tracks featuring artists such as Winner’s Mino, Ikon’s BI, Blue.D and DANNIC. Seungri has also participated in all his songs Take a glimpse of the tracks and the people involved in the picture below:

YG Entertainment continued the shower of picture teasers releasing another teaser for ‘1, 2, 3!’ on 11th July where Seungri was surrounded by confetti giving a celebratory vibe.

The latest teaser was revealed today. It was another picture teaser for the sub title track featuring Winner’s Mino ‘Where R U From.’

However, unlike usual K-pop teasers where picture teasers are accompanied with video teaser and snippets, Seungri will not be releasing one. On 12th July, CEO Yang Hyun Suk stated that there will not be any video teasers for Seungri’s upcoming album. He stated:

We hope you understand that we are unable to release the teaser or spoiler of the music video for ‘1,2,3!’ because of the concept of the music video it was shot [with]. We promise to reward with the quality of the music & the video

Seungri’s solo activities for the upcoming album will constitute of live performances, variety shows and a solo concert. Fans are not only excited about the album release but also about Seungri’s upcoming concert in Korea on 4th and 5th August. Seungri will also be a guest on Idol Room hosted by Defconn and Jung Hyun Don

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