The Most Awaited KDrama of All Time “Are You Human Too?” Aired June 4

The highly anticipated, heart stopping, sci-fi romantic mystery drama aired on DramaFever on the 4th of June.

Nam Shin, starred by rising star Seo Kang Joon, is a son of an elite family with a large and famous company. When he falls into a coma from an unexpected accident, his mother Oh Ro-ra, who is a brain science and artificial intelligence authority, created an android named Nam Shin III which identically looks like him.

Nam Shin III pretended to be Nam Shin and he was assigned with a bodyguard named Kang So-bong. The story rises when Nam Shin III starts falling in love with a woman.

But what’s behind the title? Here’s what the production team had to say:

““Namshin III is, from his appearance to his behavior, so like a human that even Nam Shin’s closest acquaintances don’t realize it’s not him. It’s an artificial intelligence (AI) robot whose ever behavior and emotion is programmed to be ‘as if it was human.’ But unlike what Namshin III was taught, humans can use each other and throw each other away in ways that are inhumane. That’s why people experience loneliness even in a crowd.””

In addition, they said, “Among these people, Namshin III is designed to listen to people until the end, help the weak, and comfort the crying. He is a very humane robot living among inhumane people, that raises the question of what it means to be human. We hope that people can have the courage to say to people who betray the ideals of humanity, ‘Are you human, too?’”

The thrill here is the question that instantly pops into our minds: How could an android have feelings and fall in love with a human woman?

So you have to watch out and see what happens in this heart stopping Korean Drama and you better tell your friends because this could blow your mind in different levels.

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