Top 10 K-pop groups in 2018

2018 has gone by in a flash and in the world of K-pop with successive comebacks, debuts and promotions. We are already heading towards the end of the year and during the first half, K-pop fans have witnessed many remarkable and passionate comebacks from various girl and boy groups. There are comebacks scheduled and lined up till the end of the year and there are many more who are yet to announce it.

Here is a list of groups we consider to be the top 10 K-pop groups for 2018 so far:

  1. BTS-

2018 has been a busy year for BTS right from winning several awards to performing at Billboard Music Awards to attending famous live and radio shows to organizing world tours. They also smashed records both domestic and international, with their latest album “Love Yourself: Tear”. Following this is their upcoming comeback scheduled in August titled “Love Yourself: Answer”.


  1. Blackpink-

Blackpink is the second K-pop group in our list. Their recent track “Ddu du Ddu du” have been breaking records since it’s release date. It even surpassed BTS’s “Fake Love” in achieving 200 million views in the least amount of time for a K-pop group. BTS’s “Fake Love” holds the record of breaking 200 million views in the least amount of time.


  1. Exo-

Despite not having a Korean comeback as a group yet this year, Exo remains one of the most famous K-pop groups in 2018. Exo also appeared in the Burj Khalifa light show and became the first K-pop group and the first ones not from a royal background to be displayed on the building. Rumours have also sparked up about a possible comeback this year.


  1. Wanna One-

The 11 member group formed through the famous survival show Produce 101 has always had a vast fandom since their debut. Their popularity specifically in Korea and Asia is limitless. They have released two albums this year

  • 0+1=1 (I Promise You)
  • 1÷x=1 (Undivided)


  1. Ikon-

Ikon swept over the public with their song “Love Scenario” from their album Return released in the beginning of this year. The song got so popular among various age groups and even among children that it was banned in some schools!


  1. Twice-

With each comeback, Twice never fails to prove to be one of the most successful K-pop girl groups. Fans have been have been delighted with the amount of promotions this year with two comebacks “What is Love” and “Summer Nights”.


  1. Winner-

The group which shook the nation with “Really Really” had another successful comeback with Everyd4y. They have been busy with album promotions,  CFs, concerts and even released a fragrance this year. Winner has also received the most invites for college festivals.


  1. Got 7-

Got 7’s international popularity keeps surprising us. They recently held a world tour with seats sold out as soon as tickets were out.  They were also the first K-pop group to have a solo concert at Barclays Centre. Got 7 also released one album “Eyes on You” in 2018.


  1. SHINee-

Veteran group SHINee made a huge impact with their comeback “The Story of Light Ep 1”. The album was in the Top 10 gaon charts from April to June. They also successfully held sold out concerts in several places.


  1. Momoland-

Beating all the odds and competing with big groups, Momoland has performed extremely well in 2018 with their hit song “Bbom Bbom”. We cannot help but mention them in the list considering the attention it received and it’s longevity in charts. The group has released two albums “Fun to The World” and “GREAT”.

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