Nonagon @ Viu’s K-Carvinal 07142018

Nonagon is a Twice cover group based in PH. Performed at VIU K- Carnival, for a korean drama and kpop fans event.

Dongho’s Encore at Chaos Manila

Dongho’s encore play at Chaos Manila 021718 Brought by Jinro

BTOBPH at KOSMOS 2018 [Fan Yell Champion]

BTOB PH and Filipino Melodies grab the Fan Yell Championship at #KOSMOS2018 The heart-warming and touching performance left the audience in awe and in tears.

Find the Babydoll in You: Plastic Surgery in South Korea

The worldwide plastic surgery capital can be found in Seoul, South Korea. It has the most plastic surgeries per capita in the planet, with over 1 million recorded operations since 2014. Half of Korea’s population lives in Seoul, and the possibility of competition increases, so people really put a lot of effort on taking care […]

Wanna One Hit Realtime Charts with “Light” In Less 24 hrs.

It’s astounding to see that Wanna One topped all major realtime charts with their new title track! When they released their title track “Light” on June 6, 6pm KST from their special album “1÷χ=1(UNDIVIDED),” it instantly reached 2.8 million views in Youtube, in less than 24 hours! It is their second EP of 2018 fronted […]