VIRAL TODAY: Im Eun Sook, former member of Sse Sse Sse Passed Away

Im Eun Sook bid us goodbye on the morning of June 4, at the age of 45, after her fight against breast cancer.

She recently appeared in JTBC “Sugar Man 2”, last January 2018 and publicly announced that she has a stage 4 breast cancer.

Breast Cancer in Korea has increased over the last years. Sadly, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, with an estimate of 1.7 million cases per year, which accounts for 25.2% of female cancer patients. It is alarming because it is the most common cause of death among female cancer patients.

This is what Im Eun Sook said in her public announcement about her diagnosis:

“About a month before filming [Sugar Man 2], the cancer spread to my liver so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to participate in the broadcast.

But I decided to participate in order to keep a promise with my daughter and to create a good memory with my members for the last time.”

— Im Eun Sook

She fulfilled her promise to her daughters that she will come out to the show and create her last greatest memories with her members. Her first debut with Sse Sse Sse was in 1993, and the rest was history.

In a phone interview, Im Eun Sook’s father said “Eun Sook is really not a bad person. It would’ve been nice if she could’ve lived here longer with good people.”

Indeed, Im Eun Sook was a great soul, known for being her fierce and sexy attitude with a powerful voice, popularly known as the original girl-crush idol of K-Pop.

Her funeral will be held at Hongsung Memorial Funeral Home in Chungnam Province.

We will miss you Im Eun Sook! Wherever you go, please continue inspiring and singing!

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